Affordable Term Life Insurance

affordable term life insuranceTerm life insurance policies provide protection for a specified period of time. Premiums are less expensive than for permanent insurance.  Affordable term life insurance is a great starting place if you don’t currently have life insurance.

There are different kinds of affordable term life insurance.  The differences will help you determine which one is best for your needs.

  • Level term life insurance keeps the face amount and the premium the same for the entire term period. 
  • Annual renewable term insurance has premiums that increase on an annual basis.  There are only a few situations where this type of policy makes sense.
  • Decreasing term insurance is often called mortgage insurance.  We find that a more affordable term life insurance is the level term.  For the same or often less premium you can have a face amount that remains the same for the entire term.

Your goals for life insurance are what will determine the type of insurance you should get.  Affordable term life insurance can protect your family for up to 30 years (depending on your age).  Generally term insurance is the least expensive type of policy you can purchase.

At LifeNet Insurance Solutions, we often recommend level term life insurance products for most situations.  Term insurance is easy to understand and will provide you with the coverage you need at the best prices available. 

It’s easy to get an affordable term life insurance quote, just click on the link and you can find out how inexpensive term insurance is.  When you get an affordable life insurance quote, the premium is based on your health rating.  The ratings are from best on down as follows:

  • preferred best
  • preferred
  • standard plus (only some insurance carriers use this rating)
  • standard
  • Table ratings (you must talk to an agent to get these rates).

To really get the best affordable life insurance quote you should speak with an independent agent.  Your independent agent can get prices from more companies than you can access on your own.  Also they should be familiar with the underwriting among different carriers so they can direct you to the company or companies that will look most favorably on your personal situation. 

Underwriting affordable life insurance takes many things into account including your current health, your health history, your medications, your family health history, your lifestyle and more.  There isn’t a quote engine in the world that can amass and assess all of the information that an underwriter will use to determine your health rating.  An agent is the best quote engine around!

There are many riders and options available with an affordable term life insurance policy.  Your goals will determine which are right for you.  Some come free with your policy and others can be added for a fee.  Talk to your agent to see what makes sense for you.

At LifeNet Insurance Solutions, our professionals work with only the most highly rated carriers to get you the best value.

  • We will educate you on the various aspects of term life coverage.
  • We provide outstanding personal customer service.
  • And because we’re independent agents, we work for you!

We make the insurance buying process easy.