Previously-Owned IN-FORCE™ Secondary Market Annuities from LifeNet Insurance Solutions

in force annuities have excellent yieldsAnnuities have proven to be a popular form of investment for those seeking a reliable source of income.  In today’s marketplace, there are many different types of annuities.  Some have fixed rates of return while others have returns based on stock performance or other indexes.

Because of their reliable income stream, annuities have been used for many years to make payments as settlement in personal injury and other types of court cases.  However, many individuals would prefer a lump sum in payment. 

In the past, institutional investors have stepped in to purchase these secondary market annuities at a discount thus providing cash to the claimant while enhancing their yield.

Now, individual investors can receive similar yields guaranteed by the issuing insurance company with a Previously-Owned IN-FORCE™ Annuity.