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Life Insurance Blood Test and Urine Test

Posted by Lenny Robbins on Apr 8, 2011 2:31:00 AM

life insurance blood and urine testWhen you apply for life insurance most policies require that you have a paramedic exam.  Part of that exam is collecting blood and urine samples for testing. 

Clients often ask if they can go to their doctor to do the test.  Sometimes the client has recently visited the doctor and had labs completed.  They want to know if those results are acceptable to the insurance company.  The short answer is no, you are required to have this independent exam including blood and urine collection and here’s why!

What’s different about the Life Insurance Blood Test and Urine Test?

  1. Your blood and urine specimens go in a direct line from the examiner to the laboratory and the laboratory to the insurance company.  The sample vials are marked in your presence and the numbers match your paperwork.  The insurance company can be sure these are your blood and urine samples.
  2. The insurance company does several different tests than your doctor will perform at a routine checkup.  These tests may include additional liver enzyme levels and/or A1C testing (long term blood sugar measure).  Insurers will also check your blood and urine for signs of nicotine and drug use. 
  3. When the insurance company receives your lab results, they may decide that further testing is indicated to either re-check a result or do a more detailed study.  If so, your blood is available at the laboratory for a period of time.

If you apply for coverage and complete the life insurance blood test and urine test, rest assured that you will pay less for this policy than for a comparable policy (if one is) available without medical testing.  The lower premium is due to the additional information the insurance company will have from your exam and lab results.  

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