Medicare Supplemental Plans

Medicare can be very confusing.  We have a Medicare Q & A to help you understand the basics. 

Medicare does not pay for all of your care, so you'll want to consider getting a Medicare Supplement Plan and Prescription Plan or an Advantage Plan. 

Medicare Supplement Plans

There are a number of different medicare supplement plans.  Click on the link to see a chart of the current plans and what expenses they cover.  Supplemental plans range from basic to comprehensive coverage. 

  • Plan coverage is determined by the federal government and is exactly the same from any insurance company.
  • The difference from one company to another is the price you will pay!
  • Insurance companies determine what plans they will offer in each state.
  • These plans do not cover prescription drugs.  You need to get a separate prescription plan.
  • We can assist you in finding the right supplement for you.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are set up like HMO plans.  They may or may not include prescription drug coverage.  Some of them have a monthly charge as well as co-pays for doctor visits and other services.  To see plans available in your area, click to go to's medicare plan finder.

Prescription Plans

Medicare has a formulary list on their website as well as numerous prescription plans available in your area.  The best way to find a drug plan is to complete the drug information and let Find Your Medicare Prescription Plan!

We know prescription costs are high and getting higher. Learn how to keep your prescription costs in check here.

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