Indexed Annuities

indexed-annuities.jpgInterested in rolling over your 401k into something more stable? Fixed, indexed annuities are investments you can make without significant risk to your principal! These unique insurance products can lock in stock index gains and protect against losses.

LifeNet Insurance Solutions offers annuities from stable, respected insurance companies like MetLife, Prudential and other strong carriers. LifeNet Insurance Solutions is here to help you through the maze of available products so that your investment decision is best suited to your present and future financial needs.

So what’s stopping you from rolling over your 401k? We can help you roll it over into an annuity that can provide you with a current or future predictable source of income – for life. Have you been looking for a tax-favored source of monthly income? There has never been a better time to invest than now – and no better company to help meet your financial needs than LifeNet Insurance Solutions!

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