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The Robbins were great to do business with. I purchased life insurance for my parents who are in their
early 80's. Not an easy feat. The Robbins made this easy for me. I was given a variety of options and help with choosing the best for my 
circumstance. I was informed through out the process. This was personal hands on with phone calls and voice mails. I am now going to 
get insurance for other family members here because of the quality service. Thank you for making a stresswful situation a lot easier.
D. Holt, York, PA



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Offering Affordable Life Insurance to Baby Boomers and Seniors

Welcome to LifeNet Insurance Solutions. We are your "go to" resource for all types of low cost life insurance for seniors, families and businesses. Our specialty is getting you the coverage you need at the best price.  

We are a family run business and we have been helping other families (and businesses) be secure since 1991. 

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How We Can Help

Life insurance for baby boomers- ask an expert

We can write insurance for anyone from 2 weeks old up to age 90. Of course you have to be able to qualify for the insurance company requirements! But, if you can't and you are between the ages of 50 and 85, you can still get coverage!

As independent agents, we work with the most highly rated carriers as well as companies that offer specialized life insurance for seniors over 80, and seniors over 70. This freedom to choose, together with our years of experience can give you a better opportunity to purchase the best term or permanent coverage available today. We have access to over 100 carriers who are among the top life insurance companies. With a little information from you, we can know your likelihood of qualifying for different life insurance products. Then we can discuss which product will do what you need it to do! 

When buying coverage it's a good idea to work with an independent agent who has many years of experience (click here to learn why). This is especially true for baby boomers and seniors because as we age there are often more underwriting health issues to consider.

Additionally, how do you know what type of policy is going to be the best for your situation? You may not, but we will. We will explain why one type of policy is better for your needs than another. If two different types of coverage will work, we will explain the differences and see which you prefer. It's all about you!

As your insurance needs evolve along with major life changes, we are ready to assist you in protecting your family and your business.  For example: As baby boomers ourselves, we have a special affinity for helping other seniors navigate the maze of life insurance and Medicare (when the time comes).  Baby Boomers and seniors may have more health issues, and finding inexpensive senior coverage can be challenging if you try to do it on your own. There is so much information out there, it can be overwhelming. 

We make it easy...we know the different choices and can explain them to you and give you options. We want to help you get the best value and protect your family - here are some of the ways we keep your premium low! 

Life insurance is not the most fun purchase you will ever make! But, have you considered how your family would fare without your income?  Would they be able to live as comfortably as you are now? Would they be able to pay the bills? Keep the house? Keep the car? Put the kids through college? Go on vacation? And on and on.

Having an insurance policy gives you peace of mind knowing you have protection in place for your family.  You’ll sleep better, and so will your family when you have the proper amount of coverage in force. None of us like to think about our mortality, but ignoring it won't help. 


types of senior life insurance

We want you to understand the protection you purchase.  We welcome your questions because it helps us serve you better.  We write articles to help you know about the products we offer, the options you may have and how to get a good deal on life insurance. Take a look at our Insurance Solutions Blog where you’ll find articles to help you learn all about how life insurance works, and what you should think about before, during and after your purchase. Learn about 8 Smart Steps for Buying Life Insurance.

Getting insurance doesn’t have to be complicated.  Let us make it easy for you.  With so many different options to choose from, a helping hand can smooth the way.  We’ll make sure your insurance objectives are met and you understand how your policy works. It's easy to get a no-obligation free quote from us - it usually takes only a few minutes! Even easier, call us and we will give you a quote where we take into account your medical issues (if any).

Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes…

  • Term coverage continues for a defined time period, up to 30 years depending upon your age at application. Generally term life is the cheapest kind of policy you can buy. There are several types of low cost term policies available. Guaranteed level term coverage, where the face amount and the premium are guaranteed to remain the same for the life of the policy is usually our preferred option. In situations where a different type of term policy works better, we'll explain why it does.
  • Universal coverage is a permanent policy, meaning it will last your entire lifetime. It is very flexible and can be designed to match your needs and accomplish your goals.  You can have a level face amount or not, level premium or not, and decide to accumulate cash value or not among other options. Your objective will determine how the policy is structured. These policies can be structured to usually be the least expensive permanent coverage.
  • Whole life coverage is also permanent coverage. It accumulates cash value and may have an increasing face amount. Usually the only whole life policies that make sense are either for young children or for final expense policies.
  • No Exam Life Insurance (Final expense) policies are whole life policies with easier approval guidelines and no medical examination. These policies are perfect for amounts from $2,000 to $40,000. They can be approved usually in as soon as one day to about a week, which is much faster than a fully underwritten policy (can be as long as 6-8 weeks depending on requirement). We find many seniors in the 60 to 85 year old age range purchase final expense policies
Life insurance for baby boomers made easy

Because...having been in business for about 25 years gives us an advantage which can benefit you! We have probably seen and heard it all. We are familiar with the top companies and their products. We have access to an independent underwriter to help us with any difficult cases...or even some not so difficult. Our underwriter is a great asset, because he/she can speak directly to the underwriters at the carrier...something agents often can't do!

Because...We want your purchase to be painless. Consider us your personal life insurance shoppers. We can quote you companies you will not be able to quote on your own. Some types of coverage need an agent to run your quotes, there are no ways for you to find prices. But most importantly, we can give you a more accurate idea of the cost, which product is best for you and what is the least expensive coverage that will meet your goals.

Because...There is no cost to use a life insurance agent. The premiums are set by the insurance companies and approved by the state. Your agent can be the best advocate you have. Who else will go to the insurance company and work to get your application approved?

Did you know that all the carriers have different requirements? You may get an approval from one company, but be turned down by another. It's possible! We can help you apply with the right company the first time. (We try our best, but sometimes we get a surprise too and it takes one more application to get it right!). 

Because...If you get a poor insurance rating (higher cost premiums) or even declined for coverage, we may be able to find a company that will give you a policy. Every carrier has slightly different underwriting guidelines, so we can usually point you in the right direction.

Just see what our clients have to say about us!

baby boomers and seniors need life insurance

We make the process simple. If you decide to purchase life insurance through us, we will spend a few minutes talking to you to get information that will impact your insurance rating. For example:

  • height and weight
  • current medical conditions
  • prior major medical conditions 
  • medications
  • family history

We use this information when we get your quote. This is more accurate than a quote that doesn't consider these issues. 

Once you decide on the coverage you want, we take your application over the phone. We type it up and send it to you for signature either by electronic application, email, or paper application. Whatever is available and is your preference.

When you send it back, we keep track of your application's progress. We follow up with the carrier regularly to make sure your application goes through underwriting in a timely manner. By monitoring your application closely, we can quickly get outstanding requirements to the insurance company. We keep in touch with you on a weekly basis at the minimum. Once approved, we'll send your policy and any forms that need to be completed to place your policy in force.

What do you do if you don't get approved at the rating you wanted? Or you get declined? Well, we talk with our underwriter who can tell us if there is another company that will be a better fit for you. If so, we already have your exam and doctor records (if they were required) and we can get another application to underwriting very quickly. If not, there are other policies with less stringent underwriting criteria that may work. As a final option there is always guaranteed life insurance coverage where every applicant is accepted.

When your policy is in force, we don't want you to forget us. Need to change your address? Or your bank? Or your beneficiaries? Or the owner of your policy? Or anything else? Guess who you contact? That's right...US! We will help you with any changes you need to make for the life of your policy. We want you to be our customer for life!

We are here to help you. We work for you. Just ask any of our clients. See what they have to say!

At LifeNet Insurance Solutions, we have helped all of our clients both young and old get the coverage they need at the best possible pricing.  We are proud to say many of our customers are repeat clients. They know we care about them, and you will too.

Term Life Insurance

As the name says, these policies last for a specific term (time period). We prefer level policies where the premium and the face amount never change.

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Universal Life Insurance

These policies last for your lifetime. Our favorite is the Guaranteed Premium Universal Life policies. These policies have little or no cash value, have a premium that doesn't change and usually are the least expensive permanent policies available.

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No Exam Life Insurance 

This type of whole life insurance is often called final expense coverage. For face amounts from $2,000 up to $40,000 you do not have to take a medical exam. This coverage is easy to get and can be in force very quickly.

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Life Insurance Made Easy

We have been in business for over 25 years, helping families like yours. We want you to understand how your insurance works. We love to hear your questions. See our e-book offers below which will get you started understanding what may be the most important purchase of your lifetime. 



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