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Get Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors and Baby Boomers


Confused with how to choose the best life insurance for yourself or a loved one?


Take the guessing out of the equation by calling us today at (800) 698-7033.



Welcome to LifeNet Insurance Solutions! We're your go-to source for finding premiere low-cost life insurance options for seniors, families, and businesses. Our goal is to match you with the life insurance coverage that works for you at tan affordable price! Learn more about why to choose LifeNet Insurance.

LifeNet is a family run business and has been offering personalized Insurance services since 1991 including Life Insurance for Seniors and Baby Boomers, Final Expense Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance and more.

Searching for the Best life insurance policies for seniors and Baby Boomers can be challenging, especially when you need
guidance about what exactly suits you and your family.

LifeNet Insurance Solutions provides professional life insurance services that help you discover life insurance products for seniors and elderly tailored for your needs.

LifeNet Insurance Solutions specializes in helping baby boomers secure affordable life insurance without the stress and
confusion common when searching for your own.

Below are the types of life insurance we cover. Contact LifeNet Insurance Solutions today for help finding affordable life insurance for seniors over 60!



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Life Insurance for
Baby Boomers

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Finding the best life insurance can be challenging, and choosing life insurance for baby boomers requires an attention to detail and consideration of many different factors. 
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Life Insurance for

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Our independent agents work with highly rated life insurance carriers that offer specialized life insurance for seniors over 70 and 80. With our guidance, you can choose the best life insurance for seniors.
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Term Life Insurance  Highway with 2015 crossed out, 2016, 2017 showing thatTerm Life lasts for a certain number of years

Term life insurance is coverage that lasts for a specified period of time. This type of insurance is often the least expensive policy available. Find out if term life insurance is right for you. Learn more...

Universal Life Insurance  Happy multi generational family thinking aboutUniversal life insurance for family security

Universal life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that lasts your lifetime. Universal policies are flexible and can be tailored to your needs and goals. 
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Final Expense Life Insurance Adult grandson hugging grandmother from behind knowsFinal expense life insurance keeps you worry free

Final expense life insurance policies have easy approval guidelines and no medical examination. These policies are perfect for amounts from $2,000 to $40,000 in coverage and can be approved quickly. Learn more...

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What People are Saying...

The Robbins were great to do business with. I purchased life insurance for my parents who are in their early 80's. Not an easy feat. The Robbins made this easy for me. I was given a variety of options and help with choosing the best for my circumstance. I was informed through out the process. This was personal hands on with phone calls and voice mails. I am now going to get insurance for other family members here because of the quality service. Thank you for making a stressful situation a lot easier.
D. Holt, York, PA     
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Independent Agents Work for You


Our agents can write insurance for anyone between the ages of just born up to 90 if you can meet the company's requirements.

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How We Make it Easy for You

Our goal is to make the life insurance purchasing process PAINLESS. We'll be there throughout the application process to help you find the affordable life insurance policy that works for you.

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Why Choose LifeNet Insurance Solutions?

We've been in business for over 25 years! Our independent agents have handled a myriad of different cases that enable us to serve our customers efficiently.

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Happy senior couple has read the article Life Insurance for Seniors over 75- A Complete Guide

Life Insurance for Seniors over 75 - 
A Complete Guide


Seniors over age 75 need life insurance for many of the same reasons as other policy holders. End-of-life costs and individual circumstances mean that life insurance for seniors over 75 is still an important purchase.


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